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How-to Share Files and Make Money
Monday, 11 January 2010
The Best Pay-Per-Download Site
In the last little while, I have been keen in analyzing pay-per download sites where I might get money when people download a document I want to share with my friends, family, and co-workers. I truly trust through my examining of various sites, the unsurpassed money-making file-sharing site you may use, is EnviroFILE. EnviroFILE has set in place a revolutionary file-sharing system where every person who uploads a file will record financial gain.
With EnviroFILE, you can acquire up to 45 cents every time somebody downloads one of your files. It's a very elementary operation that has been ingeniously created to function with usability. It has everything you may possibly need to create the endeavor of earning money very attainable:decisive epidemiological recording, an thriving forum, and a feature-set that entices you concisely through the website.
One of the greatest features of the website is, divergent from other pay-per-download sites, you will not get a 'bad' download. A 'bad' download refers to a download that cites when either, a downloader tries to cheat the structure, or the site elects to not reflect the download in your statistics. It is a non-JS download engine and is not easy to be manipulated, which, in the end, means you make more cash.
The service is free to utilize and your income potential is almost boundless. The payment structure at EnviroFILE is created for you to strive to get more downloads. It is assimilated on a monthly assimilation of downloads you accrue. You start at a base rate of 23 pennies for every download. At 500 downloads your payment increases to 25 pennies for all of your downloads. This ratio continues until you reach 45 cents for every download when you accumulate 10,000 downloads. If you do the arithmetic fast, that is $4500 in one month. This allows you to make more money than all other pay-per download sites. EnviroFILE ensures to payout the uploader consistently, honestly, and reliably.
I had the chance to speak with the EnviroFILE crew and ask a couple inquisitions regarding the direction of the company. They believe first and foremost, that an unblocked intercourse course between themselves and their users is going to be the main to their boom. They cheerfullyaccept propositionsand they value their user's points of view, and infer that the maturation and advance of EnviroFILE is dependentupon the amusement of those users. They have 24 hour support via instant messenger, on their in-site forum, and in their IRC channel (#envirofile) on You can also contact them via email and willBe in receipt of a abruptresponse. They evince a polished, yet personable, business mentality.
What assuredly sets this site apart from its opposition is that the EnviroFILE team has a perception to remedy our planet. EnviroFILE is committed to donating $100 for every 1000 downloads to environmental foundations around the globe. With your help, they will make a profound contribution to environmental awareness and protection. All it takes is a partnership between you and EnviroFILE to increase your wealth and to save our planet!

How-to Share Files and Make Money
2010 - Revolutionary Money-making
How-to Share Files and Make Money

Posted by becomingwealthy1 at 2:37 AM EST

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